The Truth Behind The Engineering Student Who Ended Her Life After Missing 3 Episodes Of Kalye Serye

A story of an engineering student who committed suicide after missing 3 episodes of the trending and phenomenal ‘KalyeSerye‘ of Eat Bulaga had been making rounds over the social media sites.
Based on the report, the woman allegedly ended her life after the typhoon Lando hit the Philippines which took down all the electricity and internet in Jessie Santos’ town.
This graduating student was devastated that she had no means of watching the show which served as hertemporary happiness after suffering from severe depression.
But this news, was reported to be fake or hoax. The site that reported this news, Pinoytrending has a reputation for giving out false information. The picture is also a proof that it is not true. The photo was not from a suicide victim, but it is from the conviction in Indonesia.