Kim Chiu defends herself against ‘VIP treatment’ rumor on voting registration


Actress and TV-host Kim Chiu faces controversy after a video spread in social media showing the actress allegedly being treated as a VIP during one of the voting registrations in a mall somewhere in Marikina last October 27. The owner of the video, who introduced himself as Fred. L cries for COMELEC’s unjust treatment. According to him, people patiently waited in the line for their turn while the actress suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Instead of going through the whole procedure, Chiu was accommodated quickly by COMELEC staff. Knowing that his complaint will go unnotice by the authorities, Fred L. turned to social media to express his dismay over the ‘galawang artista’ incident. He emphasized that Chiu should not be prioritized just because she’s a celebrity. In the viral video, Fred can be heard complaining to a COMELEC official about Kim Chiu’s alleged VIP treatment:

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