Fashion Tips for Women



You definitely have come across the clique ‘dress right for your type.’ Ever wondered what it means? This is well known to all and it underlies the whole idea of fashion. It is every woman’s dream to look as smashing as a supermodel. In this regard, all manner of accusations have been leveled against women chief among them ‘visual pollution’ disguised as fashion. Some fashion styles adopted have drawn criticism and even led to social ostracism. For a woman, fashion is not merely wearing fashion clothing. It is something you can endear yourself to. Modern fashion should be consistent with your personality and fashion trend. Your skin tone, personal attitude, comfort level, body frame and other factors that determine what we can call your fashion statement.

Skin Tone

If your complexion is fair, gold blended with copper would look great. If you are medium-colored, mixed shades of white, beige and bronzy-golden would be ideal. The darker the skin tone, the more you should consider going for goldenish copper shades.

Comfort Level and Personal Attitude

Your comfort level impacts significantly on your choice of style. If you do not mind wearing western outfits while maintaining a smart urban look, Indo-Western style would boost on your charm and personality. If you are shy and of the introverted type, you could look better in a sari with boat-necked blouses. And if you are bold and outspoken, you can opt for sleeveless, deep-necked blouses or even with straps.

Body Frame

If you are plump, wear dark colors and avoid sleeveless cuts. If you wish to wear lighter shades, then go for dull colors instead of sky blue or dirty blue. Small prints and vertical lines give a slimmer look. Avoid cotton saris if you are heavily built. Instead clothe yourself in chiffon and georgette saris. If you are of a medium structure, you should choose beige and faun colors. Netted blouses are idea as they fit well in all colors. The bottom-line is your style of fashion should coincide with your personality. For the best results, figure out your body type then follow tips specific to your weight, height and age. Some of these tips are:

For Tips for All Women

Always wear free flowing fabrics in one tone to help attain a long and slim look. Comp up with your own fashion statements and desist from blindly aping fashion trends. You could invest in a basic wardrobe, bags and shoes. The rest can be mixed and matched. Wear belts if you have an extremely thin waist. Exercise caution when adding accessories as they speak more about you than your clothes. You should always check the wash care instructions before picking cloths lest you buy something whose maintenance is higher than its cost. Importantly, wear only your size and ensure your jeweler blends in with your attire.

Fashion Tips For Tall Women

Do not wear short skirts. Tall women should wear tops over skirts to limit weight around the waistline. Long skirts make you look taller so avoid them. Buy clothes to suit your shape and check proportions of clothes before putting them on. You can alternate scarves, jackets and belts as you re-arrange the clothes to get the desired look. Wear clothes that fit since too large clothes do exaggerate your figure, something you may not want.

Fashion Tips for Petite Women

You shouldn’t wear high collared clothes. Wear long necklaces and deep necks to lengthen your neck.

Tips for Pear Shaped Women

Women with this body type should not wear tapered skirts. You should wear tops with little soft shoulder pads. Wearing light-colored tops and dark colors on the lower body gives you more attention.

Tips for Apple-Shaped Women

You can wear light and thin materials on the top and use pleating on skirts to draw attention. You should, however, avoid clingy tops. V-necks also make you look smaller than you actually are.

In conclusion, do not buy clothes on impulse. Be scientific in a way about shopping, considering your body type and colors, asking yourself some basic questions: is it appropriate? Does it match my lifestyle? Can I wear it over a season? Think in terms of outfits as you shop such that you have accessories to go with your new purchase.