Eczema Emu Oil – Six Benefits of this Wonderful Oil


Eczema is a skin disorder where there is an inflammation of the skin. It is usually characterized by dryness and itchiness due to red rashes that occur on the skin. Intense itchiness causes the individual to scratch the affected part which makes matters worse. Eczema emu oil is one of the effective treatments for the disease. Although there is no permanent cure for this disorder, some remedies can help in minimizing the intensity of the problem. Eczema can affect any part of the body and is most prominent on the face, hands, upper chest and arms.

Emu oil, a food by-product, is taken from the fat of emu (a pre-historic native Australian bird). When the bird is used for its healthy meat, the fat is refined into oil. There are a series of steps to refine this oil. Customers must be careful when they purchase emu oil because unrefined oil can contain contaminants. This refined oil contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This all-natural substance has been identified as an effective response to the problem of eczema as compared to many other products. The basic idea of using emu oil to treat eczema is in moisturizing the skin to replenish its natural protective oils. Simply put, this oil helps in retaining moisture and locks this moisture back into the skin.

After soaking the affected area in warm water for about 20 minutes, the skin must be patted dry and the oil applied immediately. This is considered as the right way to apply the oil for optimum hydration. Some of the explicit benefits of emu oil in the treatment of eczema include:

(1)   The oil is considered to be anti inflammatory. The oil binds easily with water, is a good emollient possessing properties of anti inflammation and its effects can be compared with that of ibuprofen.

(2)   Emu oil is bacteriostactic which means that it does not encourage the growth of bacteria on the affected area when applied.

(3)   It is hypoallergenic. It neither has side effects on the skin since it is a complete natural substance, nor does it cause any kind of skin irritation.

(4)   The oil has the tendency to penetrate well. It is non greasy and gets absorbed into the skin without the greasy or heavy feeling like other lotions. The fat of emu oil is a lot similar to fat of human skin which explains the easy absorption.

(5)   The oil is non-comeodogenic. This characteristic of emu oil does not clog pores.

(6)   The 100% natural emu oil contains Vitamin E that is a major healing agent for the skin and is a antioxidant, Vitamin A which helps in repairing the skin, Linoleic acid that eases joint pains and muscle aches, Oleic acid facilitates anti wrinkling and skin cell regeneration, Sapogens that are skin softeners and Terpines that are antiseptics.

Eczema emu oil helps in substantially reducing the problems caused by eczema. Eczema makes skin sensitive and hence the products used by the affected individual must be chosen with extreme care.