Care of Hands


Each and every one of us, particularly women all want beautiful and well kept hands for it is said that hands tell a stranger so much more about you than your mouth itself! And for women, how old you are. That’s how important our hands are to us as they also inform others of how well you lead your life and care about your skin and body. So, don’t be caught wearing all the fancy clothes there’s to be worn but having unkempt hands. Care of hands is what gives you the beautiful hands you aspire for.

The beauty of hand that we’re talking about here is not confined to shape only but to the texture, skin tint, the nails, skin quality and even the manner in which you use your hands. The short and long of it is that the ideal hand is one that has tapering fingers that are smooth. Care for your knotty or square fingers by pressing out the ends, and if you  want a white skin, a firm palm, supple and firm wrists as well as well kept nails and fingers, you should go for a manicure, a massage or constantly clean them. It’s clear no one wants hands that are either too thin or too fat, hence the more the need for the right diet accompanied by massage and special exercises to correct any anomalies of these nature. Let’s now look at some ways of taking care of your hands.

Hygiene and Care of Hands

You ‘mistreat’ and ‘abuse’ our hands so much in everyday activity, yet they remain our accessory number one. It is thus imperative that you accord your hands the same attention that you give your face mainly through simple hygiene. Always soften your hands even if you’re doing dishes by adding about a teaspoon of almond oil to the dishwater. This will soften rough skin with the oil sealing the moisture. Care of hands by cleaning them your with sea salt lemon solution as this will slough off the dead cells on your skin. Using a toothbrush to do this two times a week will surely remove any discoloration while at the same time softening your hands. Use warm water to thoroughly wash your hands and follow this with a coarse washcloth rubbing firmly. With the skin being slightly moisturized, apply a mixture of a teaspoon of honey and an equal measure of olive oil then place your hands in small plastic bags. From here, place the hands in a pair of cotton gloves for half an hour. Heat generated from this procedure makes sure treatment penetrates. You could also soak your hands in warm milk for five minutes to make your nails stronger while hydrating your skin. The high calcium ingredients in milk will make your nails stronger while the lactic acid will gently exfoliate dead skin.

Nail Care

Use lemon juice to whiten the skin of your hand and clean the nails and apply Vaseline to keep your nails firm especially after doing dishes in hot water. A woman may use an ivory pusher or an orange stick to push back cuticle from the nails that normally occurs after cold cream or Vaseline is applied. A word of caution though: don’t cut the cuticle on your own – let your nail professional do it. When you opt for a manicure, always ensure that the orange stick is covered well with absorbent cotton or some bit of silk. And before you carry out a manicure, soak your nails in soapy, hot water and sterilize the nail brush. Use paste first when you polish nails, avoiding application of powder until after the process. It is a good practice to manicure your nails at home on your own at least two times in a fortnight. Don’t know the products to use? Carmine gives a pleasing tint that is pink in color and should be used as the paste. Use liquid polish only, but not polish varnishes that produce a sheen, as they are usually best for your nails.