This Dead Killer Whale Was Washed Ashore What They Found Inside Its Stomach Is Horrifying


Have you ever wonder where all those garbage that we irresponsibly threw in our bodies of water goes? Well here’s the news for you, they don’t just vanished and decay, instead they pollute our oceans, seas, and rivers, killing the marine life. What’s even worst is, many sea creatures have died from eating those trashes which they think as food. Sadly, this killer whale suffered the same fate after being beached in a holiday spot.

Just week before Christmas, an orca was found washed up at Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape in South Africa.
Orca-found-dead-with-stomach-full-of-trash (2)
But what conservation and wildlife experts found inside the killer whale’s stomach left them in shock.


Inside her were used yogurt pots, old shoe soles, and ripped food wrappers, and other more unidentified human waste.


Apparently, in the last few desperate days of the orca, she was forced to eat the only ‘food’ she could find in the holiday spot – garbage!

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