Lower abdominal pain



People often complain of Lower Abdominal Pain, but according to experts this is pain occurs at the lower abdomen where most of our internal organs are located. Lower Abdominal Pain can be very disturbing, and it can be as a result of several issues such as panic attack and digestive problems. It is therefore important for us to understand what causes these abdominal pains.

 Uterine Pain

Lower abdominal pain is very common in women and according to experts all women experience these pains especially during their menstural periods. When women experience this pain it could be caused by the uterus, which is located near the hip bones or above the pubic bone, causing the pain to be felt at the lower abdomen. Uterine pain could be caused by severe menstural cycle, ovulation or even pregnancy implantation. It is also important to note that severe uterine pain may be as a result of ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis,infection of the cervix or fibroid tumours. Its very advisable for the pregnant women to consult a doctor if they experience lower abdominal pains especially if the pain persists more than a week and is accompanied by a burning sensation.


The other cause of lower abdominal pain is appendicitis, this according to doctors is usually the most painful of all. It is usually as a result of the appendix infection leading to an inflammation. Though the causes of this infection is still unkown, it can affect anyone irrespective of gender or age. People suffering from this abdominal pain usually experience it at different parts of the abdomen or in other cases even at the back. It is reccommended that should this pain persist longer than four hours consult a doctor. This pain is diagnosed by scans and utrasounds.


Common parasites such as acari worms can cause bloating, diarrhea as well as abdominal pain. Gastroenteritis and giardia are other common parasitic infections that mainly affects people who are regulary on travel especially due to poor food or contaminated water. These parasites cause infections that not only causes lower abdominal pain but also cause other diseases such as headache, fever,various body aches and a general feeling of sickness. These parasites are known to suck nutrients from our body and its therefore important to consult a doctor immediately.

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This is another disease that causes lower abdominal pain accompanied by constipation and diarrhoea. Some people will experience a cycle of both constipation and diarrhoea while other will either experience constipation or diarrhoea. People suffering from irritable bowel syndrom will in most cases experience bloating as well as stools that contain mucus. Should such symptoms be spoted it is advisable for one to consult a doctor to start recieving treatment early enough.

Other causes of lower abdominal pain include bloating, diarrhoea, muscle strain infection of the urinary tact and flu. These issues can be treated by buying medicines over the counter. Other disorders that causelower abdominal pain are colon cancer, food poisoning, colon polyps, kiddney stones, bladder stones and food allergies.