Abdominal pain in children



Kids or children are very prone to acquiring different kinds of illnesses because their body’s immune system haven’t developed completely or is not yet in its maximum state compared to the immune system of adults. One of the most common health problem in their age is the abdominal pain in children.

Parents should be able to have full knowledge about those including the causes, several symptoms and their corresponding type of illness and how to treat them because abdominal pains in children is also one of the most common reason why parents bring them to the hospital.

Here are some of the most common causes of the children’s stomach pain. The first cause may be due to infections. It can be because of viruses or bacteria. If the stomach is due to infection, it may result to a stomach flu, gut flu or commonly known as gastroenteritis. The difference between viral infections and bacterial infections is the period of time that they stay in the body.

Viral infections are known to go away faster than bacterial infections which needs an antibiotic for it to be cured. The abdominal pain may also be caused by food poisoning which is now a common cause of abdominal pain in children pain in children based on statistics.

The symptoms of food poisoning can be similar to the symptoms of gut flu or gastroenteritis. It may be because a child may have ingested something which poisoned their stomach such as soap, pills, or some medications. When this happens, the child should immediately be taken to the doctor.

Moreover, the abdominal pain may also be because of food allergies that the child has accidentally ingested or the parents may don’t have the knowledge yet that their child has foold allergies. The abdominal pain may also be because of surgical problems such as appendicitis. These are some of the most common causes of abdominal pain in children which the parents should know of for them to know what they should do next.