Aging and Hypertension



Aging and the deterioration of the circulatory system: Can it be stopped or even reversed?

If you look at animals in the wild, who are eating the foods they have evolved to eat, in the ratios that come available to them naturally, getting the micro-nutrients that come packed in the wild plants, and with the right balance of those micro-nutrients, aging in these animals is very different than we see in humans living in our industrial civilization.

Of course the animal doesn’t consciously eat a specific combination of naturally-occurring foods to optimize its own health. It’s just that the animal’s body has evolved over millions of years to thrive eating those naturally-occurring foods that are available to it. At most the animal gets cravings for some of those foods if the animal’s body is lacking in specific nutrients that are found in those foods.

And there are no manufactured artificial flavours and other ingredients to mislead those cravings. These cravings are why I believe pregnant women get cravings for strange foods. They need some nutrients from those foods that their body is short on for the developing baby.

Before I keep going on a tangent, let me get back to aging in the wild. What tends to happen is that the animal reaches adulthood, and then there is a long plateau of health and fitness until the creature reaches the end of its lifespan for that species. Then as the telomeres reach their end point, the animal starts losing lean mass, and its health declines quite rapidly. And the old animal finally passes away. But the key point I wanted to focus on is that long plateau in good health and fitness. Now of course there are some signs of aging as the years go on, like the gray hair, and the animal is a bit slower as knocks and minor injuries add up over a lifetime.

But on a fundamental level, the deterioration in health is not that great. An animal nearing the end of its life, but before the rapid decline phase, still has basically the same lean mass as in its early adulthood, the animal’s cardiovascular fitness is still right up there, the bone mass is still there, the tendons and such are in good shape, and the fat ratio of the animal is still about the same as when it was young. You do not see obese old deer walking around, even in areas of the country where there are no natural predators left!

My view is that an average human without any severe genetic conditions should live most of their adult life the same way. A long plateau of health and fitness, and at the tail end, as the body reaches the end of the road, a steep decline in health and ultimately death. When exactly that endgame comes should depend on the person’s own genetics; it is usually in the 80′s or 90′s.

It is pretty obvious from a walk around town on an average day that that is not what we are seeing. A lot of people already have serious deterioration in their health by their late 20′s! (I was one of them.) And by the early 40′s, a substantial percentage of the population is seeing their health in serious decline. It is put down to “aging”, yet that is not what we see in the natural world.

Now to bring this article to a conclusion, you might wonder why I am talking about aging when my guide is focused on high blood pressure. High blood pressure is really an early sign that your body is going downhill; you are starting on that vicious circle.

Luckily the body has an amazing capacity of healing and regeneration when it is saturated with the correct amounts and ratios of micro-nutrients, and when some specific manufactured foods are avoided.

I also wanted to give hope and a “second opinion” to people who have been told to accept that their high blood pressure and deteriorating health is because they are getting older, and thus there is nothing they can do about it. That is probably true if you are around 90 years old and reaching the end of the road according to your genetics. But I’ve heard people tell me this who are in their early 50′s! Even if they said that at 70, it is clearly wrong.

I must say that through my 30′s people say it is bizarre I seem to be getting younger. Like my hair is super thick and healthy. My skin has no wrinkles and looks full and healthy. My physique has been getting better through my 30′s. That helps a lot in making it appear like I am actually getting younger.

In my research I have come across studies and theories on the combinations of minerals and vitamins that I have taken with regards to improving health in hair, skin, body fat, lean mass and so on.