12 Early Signs Of Having Prostate Cancer That Men Should Not Ignore!


Having prostate cancer is really difficult because the disease is not felt during the early stages of the disease. It can only be felt once the infection has already spread out through the affected area.

That is why men are required to undergo a medical examination once a year to have their selves check. So that in case an abnormality is seen, it can easily be cured.
But here are the 12 early signs that you have prostate cancer.
1. When urinating, there is a burning sensation
2. Having troubles with ejaculation
3. Bone pain
4. Lower back, thighs and hips are in constant pain
5. Impotence
6. Uncomfortable feeling when starting to pee
7. Blood seen in the urine
8. Blood in the sperm
9. Change in the color of Urine, Weak stream of urine
10. Discomfort in the pelvic area
11. Problems and difficulty when urinating especially in the standing position
12. The urge to pee at night is frequent
If you are experiencing these signs, you better have yourself checked.