Russian Traffic Vigilantes Taught Rule Breaker Drivers A Lesson They Will Never Forget


I bet many of us have already encountered hardheaded drivers who think they own the road. Meanwhile, those road douchebags, gave birth to a group of Russian traffic vigilantes called “StopHam” aka “Stop a Douchebag”, who are committed of putting strict traffic rules to those reluctant drivers in Russia.

Dmitriy Chugunov, the founder of the group was so eager to teach these douchebag drivers a lesson even if they put themselves in danger. These hardcore vigilantes will confront rule breaker drivers and will not hold back.

In their latest mission, the team tried to stop drivers from using the blind’s pathway just to get in front of the traffic.


If the driver refused to back up, they will get a huge sticker on their windshield, big enough to block their driving view.


One driver refused to listen and got two stickers, he then got pissed and tried to fight, but it was a big mistake!


Watch the video: