He Took Advantage Of A Drunk Girl & Thought He’ll Get Away With It, Until The Horror Comes


Sometimes we do selfish things just for the sake of ourselves, without even considering how would it affect the people around us. But selfishness has its price just like the story in this short film titled Selfish People by Jaebin Han.

The story is about Eui-seol, who makes his living as a proxy driver. One night, he encountered a drunk client named Se-rim and took her home.

selfish people 4

Drunk enough, the young lady passed out in the car, that’s when he took advantage and perverted her.

selfish people 2

He then took her in a remote area where she supposed to live, leaving her unsafe in her poor condition.

selfish people 3

He doesn’t give much of a damn about her. After his selfish deed, he went on his daily routine to make the next buck. Three days later, he found out from two detectives that she was missing and he was the last one who saw her. Then, his journey takes a dark twist.