Solenn Heussaff Uploads A Video Wearing No Bra! Check This Out!


A bra is usually used by women to wear and support their breasts. Some people claim that bras also prevents their chests from sagging.

While others say that it is a sign that a girl has come to the right age of becoming a woman if she finally gets her first bra.

It has been a part of the social norm to wear a bra every day, especially if you are going into public places.



But there are kinds of bras that were manufactured, which was said to cause breast cancer. This is what broke the internet few months ago.

Now, the celebrity and fashion icon Solenn Heussaff upload a video of her wearing no bra in order to show support for the no bra day of the breast cancer patient.

She was even dancing in front of the camera to show the world that she is not afraid to show others that she supports the cancer patients.