Scientists Have Finally Found The Main Cause Of Ovarian Cancer! SHOCKING!

For women,  ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of death in the world. It is also the reason why other kinds of reproductive cancers are occurring.
One out of 75 chance is what the experts said about the possibility of a woman halving an ovarian cancer all throughout their lifetime.
Based on the latest research that was done by Journal of the American Cancer Institute, they discovered that women who have the BRIP1 gene anomaly has the higher risk of having ovarian cancer.
This gene is being dubbed as the predisposing cancer factor. 58 out of 1000 who have anomaly in that gene would develop cancer in their lifetime.
Though this was the findings that were found, further research is still needed to really understand the cause of ovarian cancer.
If you are experiencing something unusual in your body, better have it checked right away.