After Following These Do’s And Don’ts, You Will Never Have A Pimple Again

Pimples often form when the sebaceous glands that are found of the pores are affected by germs andbacteria. It will have a lump because of the swelling.
It can often be seen on the face but there are times that it is formed in the chest, neck, back and other parts of the body. Where a huge amount of sweat is produced.
These are the following reasons why the pimples exists on your body and face:
-Extensive use of make up that does not fit the skin type.
-Continuous touching of the face where the bacteria from the hands transfers to the skin.
-Stress is also one of the reason why there are pimples on the skin.
-This could be inherited from the genetics of the parents.
-Keeping the body clean is also an important lesson. So always wash the skin to prevent it from having pimples.
-Avoid eating all those oily and fatty foods that could initiate the appearance of the pimples.