Your deodorant doesn’t work? Nope—you’ve been using it wrong this whole time!


Doctors and health experts have been warning the masses about an active anti-perspirant ingredient that can cause breast cancer: aluminium. For others, using home-made remedies for body odor can be easy, especially if you have time to make one. But for some people, putting on anti-perspirants before going out for the day is still the most effective and easiest way to fight body odor. But apparently, we have been putting on deodorant at the ‘wrong time of the day’.


According to experts, the best time to put on anti-perspirants is at night, when you sweat less. Because you sweat less at night, the sweat ducts in your armpit is clean, dry, and open. Now is the best time to put anti-perspirants on!

Deodorants with aluminum-based active ingredients will actually get pulled into your sweat ducts, plugging them with anti-perspirant. The anti-perspirant basically ‘tells’ your glands to stop sweating. In the morning, you can wash the excess deodorant off, leaving the skin smoother and healthier. But your pores remain plugged throughout the day, and sometimes last for more than 24 hours!