This Is The Most Common Symptom Of Bladder And Kidney Cancer And No One Ever Pays Enough Attention To It


The bladder and kidneys cancer is one serious illness from which many people suffer and large percentages of them end up dead. The early detection of this type of cancer increases the chances of survival, but many are not aware of the most basic signs of this dangerous disease.

The most common and obvious sign is blood in the urine. Half of people which are suffering from bladder cancer and 1/5 people who have kidney cancer have this symptom. The early detection of this symptom may save your life.

The second symptom that can warn you about this vicious disease is the urinary tract infection that is difficult to treat, there is present pain during the urination, pain under the ribs is constant and the weight loss is not stopping.


If you ever notice this kind of symptoms, visit a doctor immediately and do several examinations. Maybe there is no present cancer but it is good for your health to check and solve the problems that bother you.

The early detection of any kind of these species is of great advantage to successful treatment. Many people do not check their urine color while they urinate but doctors daily repeat that, that kind of check is important and needs to be done from time to time especially from women.

The biggest cause for appearing is the smoking. Yes, the smoking can cause bladder and kidney cancer and it is responsible for every 10th case of bladder cancer and every 4th case of kidney bladder.