It’s Too Late For This Mom And Her Child, But Hear Her Dire Warning For The Rest Of America…


No one ever bothers about thinking about the future of your teeth, they only think about how nice it looks “in the now”.

Thousands of parents in the world dread the title of this article–I know my parents did. The thousands of dollars spent by parents who would kill for their child to have the opportunity to be showcased to the world with shiny, beautiful, gleaming, pearly whites. You go through terrible years of braces, spacers, and a lifetime doomed of wearing a mouth guard or retainer, only to also be told that an excess of certain nutrients or an obsession with one certain food will destroy your teeth just as much.


According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, individuals who consume one soda regularly per day are at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, as well as an increased risk for having a heart attack, in comparison to those who do not consume soda products

The picture that you see below is due to these kinds of effects. This 3-year-old was given Coca Cola in his sippy cup during the time that he was being fed, and the result was catastrophic. The 3-year-old had to have eleven teeth extracted.

In efforts to minimize this future for individuals, especially younger generations, preferably under the age of twelve, the New Zealand Ministry of Health called for a ban on sugary drinks such as soda products in their area.